More than a restaurant a gastronomic experience

The Temps de Terra restaurant offers us a gastronomic experience like no other. The restaurant is famous for preparing and cooking its own products, where you can eat vegetables and fruits grown on the farm itself and local meats and kilometer zero.


The number 1 restaurant to be able to eat local product

Temps de Terra defends a sustainable cultivation and breeding project that respects the natural rhythms of the land. The space, a place of Mediterranean beauty nestled in the Terres de l’Ebre, has a farm area, orchards, animals, a restaurant and offers all kinds of outdoor activities, very suitable for families and for groups seeking Keep health.

They serve a closed menu with seasonal products from their own garden with dishes such as mountain rice or grilled meat. They have options for the little ones such as the hamburger or grilled sausage with potatoes. In the restaurant area they also have a small market, where they display their products and other than having a children’s menu and a specially careful and attentive service, the dishes are generous and are made with quality products.


[In winter you cannot miss their calçotadas]