More than a beach, an icon of the Delta

El Trabucador is, with no doubt, one of the most impressive spaces in Delta del Ebro. It consists of a sand arm that goes into the sea, connecting Delta del Ebro with the Punta de la Banya. Therefore, in this oasis of tranquillity you can observe the sea on both sides and even enjoy the warm and calm waters of the Mediterranean.

Currently, the route through the sand appendix can be done only a 2km stretch by vehicle and 6.5km by bicycle or on foot.

[Driving with a vehicle is easy. However, if you divert from the area where cars drive, you would take the risk of getting stuck in the sand.]

How to get to El Trabucador?


Because of the Delta is connected to Punta de la Banya, in El Trabucador you can find two different beaches: an outer beach, which is beside the Mediterranean Sea, and an inside beach, in the Bay of Alfaques.


The Trabucador is the area of the Delta where most water activities are carried out, such as kitesurfing, paddle surfing, windsurfing…

The activities are made in the interior area of the Bay, exactly in the Bay of the Alfaques. The reason why these activities are carried out in this area is the shortage of water. This makes it an ideal place for people who are starting in this type of activities without many difficulties.


The ideal place to see the best sunsets is the dock of Barra de El Trabucador. From there, you can observe a magnificent sunset that connects with the mountains of the town of San Carlos de la Rápita or Les Salines de la Trinidad.

At The Trabucador dock, there is an artificial wooden footbridge that goes into the bay. This platform provides different perspectives of the landscape, so you can take awesome pictures (without the need to be professional!).


As of 2023, access to the Trabucador beach is free throughout the year, including July and August.

If you are interested in visiting the beach during the summer I recommend you visit the following website Trabucador Beach