Springs water Baltassar

Els Ullals de Baltasar is a truly unique protected area. The combination of abundant vegetation and a garden area gives rise to a magnificent green landscape, very different from what we are used to seeing in the Delta.

The “ullals” consist in resurgences of subterranean fresh water, coming from the area of the Montsià mountain and the Ports Natural Park. In the area, you can find more than forty small ponds, the result of these outbreaks of water. However, the most visible ullals are located at the entrance, in the middle of the vegetation.

This natural space simulates the beauty and tranquillity typical of a fairy tale.

Localitation: Ullals de Baltassar


The vegetation is very abundant in the springs. This area is home to a large amount of flora and fauna, difficult to find in other ecosystems of the Delta del Ebro.

Most of the trees in the area are eucalyptus and in the “ullals” you can find water lilies, too.


It is recommended to take insect repellent.

Accessible route: The first 500 meters are wheelchair accessible.


In the southern area of “Los Ullals de Baltassar”, we find a magnificent forest, another unique landscape in the Delta. Ideal for a hiking route with friends, your couple…