Family tradition at Casa Nicanor restaurant

The Nicanor restaurant has been dedicated to the hospitality industry for four generations. A family tradition that has endured over time since 1959.  

Deltaic Gastronomy

The Casa Nicanor restaurant is a very important gastronomic space in the area. In this you can enjoy the typical cuisine of the Ebro Delta. Made with local products of the highest quality.  

Tapas restaurant

Apart from being one of the most important restaurants in the area, the Casa Nicanor restaurant stands out above all for its tapas. Most of their tapas are of very high quality and its are made in a very exclusive way to give an experience in each of their dishes. **Every Thursday afternoon-night special tapas event, on this day they offer a wide variety of tapas to choose from outside the menu**  

Daily menu

During non-holiday days at noon they offer very complete and very cheap daily menus.  

Do not miss

Fried eggs with foie, our house mussels and duck breast.  

**CLOSED MONDAYS for weekly rest**

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