Elliptigo Catalonia, elliptical bike rental


What is Elliptigo?


ElliptiGO allows its users to run without impact. It is a device that perfectly mimics the natural biomechanics of running. Improves performance and unloads the ankle, knee and hip joints. It allows you to lose weight quickly. The position is ergonomic and facilitates the work of the abdominal and lumbar muscles. Plus, it’s easy to use and fun. What are you waiting for to try it?

Rental prices:

  • 1H: €15
  • 2H: €25
  • 10H: €120

Elliptigo Catalunya It has:

  • Complete range of elliptical bikes Elliptigo
  • Complete range of Elliptigo Stand-up bikes

We are the official distributors of Elliptigo in Catalonia and Spain, we are currently one of the only points where you can try this type of bicycle.

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