Discover the best excursion to discover nature and birds

Audouin Birding Tours’ goal is to provide other birders with high-quality birding experiences. We welcome bird watchers of all skill levels. Each tour and day trip will be arranged to suit the overall experience and preferences of the participants. We are just as happy to spend a day searching for a single elusive species as we are to enjoy the area’s abundant wildlife. Our Mercedes Vito minibus has large windows that are excellent for bird watching and allow all participants to enjoy their surroundings. We can offer guides in English, Spanish, Catalan and Danish. So grab your birding gear and come to Spain for some great birding! Prices:

  • €20 per person 4 hour excursion
  • €40 per person 8 hours of excursion

Excursions include:

  • An expert guide in nature and especially in birds.
  • The use of binoculars by each of the participants during the excursion.
  • The use of a terrestrial telescope.
  • Transportation during the tour is free with Audouin’s van
  • Meeting point must be a place close to the Ebro delta (for example, train station, hotel, Parador de Tortosa…) in some of the towns of Tortosa, Amposta, San Carlos de la Rápita, Ampolla, Freginales, Camarles , Santiago de Envidia, Deltebre, Eucalyptus, Muntells and Riumar.
  • Prices do not include transportation to the meeting point, food or drinks.

Note: Half-day outings are only available in Terres de l’Ebre. We reserve the right to increase the price if a minimum of 4 participants per excursion is not reached. As a general rule, excursions will be for a maximum of 8 people. Excursions to other Natural Parks of Catalonia can be made. In Els Ports you can do a day trip and visit the vulture reed with an extra cost of €15 per person. In this reed, the vultures are fed, where they normally drop up to 200 specimens. They are kept at a distance of about 12 meters. Other species: Aufranes, Crows, Booted Eagles, Foxes and occasionally Black Vulture. The itineraries are adapted to the needs or requirements of each group, choosing the best places according to the time of year, the landscape and the birds. The half-day guided itineraries usually give you time to explore one of the valleys on the south face of Els Ports or one of the two hemideltas. The flamingo, the bird that most visitors want to see, is fully guaranteed to see.