Imagine a place where art and nature converge in a charming visual dance. This is Arte-Contemporary, a sculpture park and art gallery located in La Ràpita, in the Ebro Delta. This space is a hidden gem, a real jewel of contemporary art founded by the Dutch couple, Rinus and Aniet van de Sande.

Here, you are invited to lose yourself in a vast collection of stunning works of art, created by both internationally renowned artists and artists from Spain, Catalonia and the region. Each piece has a story, each work invites you to explore new perspectives, to feel deep emotions and to connect with the universal language of art.

But it’s not just the masterpieces that will captivate you, the gallery also hosts fascinating exhibitions by emerging artists, offering you a fresh and vibrant view of the current art scene.

With each ticket, you’ll be treated to a welcome drink to savour as you stroll among the sculptures, allowing the art and the stunning Mediterranean landscape surrounding the park to mingle in a cocktail of beauty and serenity.

Opening times: 

Morning session:

  • Wednesday and Thursday: from 10:00h to 13:00h.
  • Friday: from 9:30h to 14:00h
  • Saturdays and Sundays: 9:30am to 1:00pm

Afternoon session:

    • Thursdays: 18:30h to 20:00h
  • Fridays: 18:30h to 20:00h

Ticket prices are as follows.

Tickets can be reserved in person at the gallery:

  • Adults: 7,95€ pp
  • Teenagers (from 10 to 18 years old): 2,50€.
  • Children under 10: free admission.

*All tickets include one welcome drink per person.

Special offer:

Book tickets online and purchase adult tickets for £6 pp.

Book tickets online:

  • Adults: 6€ pp

Tel: 633521916 – 645069805