One of the essential guided tours in the Delta is to visit the Ecomuseum.

Viatges Nemon offers you a guided tour of the Ecomuseum of the Ebro Delta Natural Park. The museum consists of a small-scale representation of the main ecosystems of the Ebro Delta. Open-air museum with barracks, aquariums, permanent exhibition. The Ecomuseum distributes its informative content in two parts. The first of these includes the elements created by man, such as the irrigation network of the delta plain, with the dam, the channels and drains that go to the orchards, fruit trees and rice fields. The second corresponds to the natural deltaic systems, such as the lagoon, an ullal (small isolated raft), the river with its island and a representation of the riparian forest. The center shows the weight that anthropic action has had on the evolution of this protected natural space.

The visitor can finally enjoy live observation of the main species of fish and amphibians in the area in the center’s aquarium.

[Ideal activity for the whole family]

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