Top 5 Natural Areas of the Delta

La Punta del Fangar

Considered one of the best beaches, La Punta del Fangar is the most popular natural area with the highest number of visitors in the territory.

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Location: Punta del Fangar

Ullals de Baltassar

Los Ullals de Baltasar is a truly singular natural space, with a characteristic ecosystem and a great biodiversity.

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Location: Parking els ullals

La Tancada

La Tancada is one of the most important lagoons in the Delta, as well as being the natural area where you can observe a larger number of flamingos throughout the year.

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Location: La Tancada

El Garxal

El Garxal Lagoon is located at the mouth of the Delta del Ebro. The most remarkable aspect is its ecosystem: the fauna and flora that inhabits it is truly extraordinary.

For more information: El Garxal Lagoon

Location: El Garxal

Bassa de les Olles

La Bassa de les Olles is the smallest lagoon in the Delta. It is in this top 5 of natural spaces due to its geographical situation and the number of observatories found in the area, which allow us to contemplate the extraordinary landscape of the Natural Park from another perspective. 

For more information:  “La Bassa de Les Olles” Lagoon

Location: Bassa de les Olles