What to see in Amposta in 1 day?

Discover Amposta, a territory where traditions speak, with a lot of culture; surrounded by rice fields, the Ebro River and mountains … the ideal destination for nature and sports lovers!

Did you know…?

✅ The population of Amposta is the capital of the Montsià region and 🔔the municipality with the highest population density in the Delta.

✅ The municipality of Amposta is considered 🛍the most important commercial interest municipality for shopping in the Ebro Delta.

✅ Amposta has the 🏅 quality certificate as a sports tourism destination granted by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

✅ Within the municipality you can see 🏛3 large historical buildings such as: the Amposta Castle, the Amposta Suspension Bridge and the Carrova Tower.

✅ One of its main attractions is the natural area of the Ullals of Baltassar.


If you want to enjoy your stay to the maximum and you don’t know what to do in the Delta, a very recommendable place to visit is Barraca de l’Ametller.

Next to this hut, you can also see the typical houses where farmers used to live. 

Ideal for all types of people

⏳Activity time: 10 min

▶Location: Barraca de l’Ametller

🥪 Lunch in Amposta

⭐Visita Temps de Terra⭐

🍁You can’t miss it!🍁 Temps de Terra is a natural retreat center 🐓where you can enjoy nature and do all kinds of activities related to agriculture and ranching.

Activities, among others, are available at Temps de Terra:

  • See orchard-garden areas and buy organic orchard products.

  • Taste the gastronomic products of the area.

  • Visit small animal farms and have direct contact with them.

  • Observe magnificent natural landscapes.

  • Psychological and nutritional consultations.

  • Body massages.

  • Relaxation and therapy with horses.

  • Routes and coaching with horses.

✅ Ideal for family groups, couples, groups of friends…

⏳Activity time: 1h – 4h

▶Location: Temps de Terra


Avinguda la Ràpita is the most important commercial point of interest in the Delta.

In this avenue, we can find a great variety of shops. In addition, in this same street, multiple 🏛houses of modernist design can be observed.

Time of activity: 40 min – 120 min

⏳Ideal for all types of people

▶Location: Modernist Houses


If you have the opportunity to visit Amposta on Tuesday, you will be able to visit its municipal market. A meeting point located around the municipal market, one of the most beautiful and largest in the area of Baix Ebre, where each week they make available to the visitor and local consumer a wide variety of fresh products.

✅Ideal for all types of people.

⏳Activity time: from 10 min – 30 min.

▶Location: Amposta Market.


The Museu Terres de l’Ebre is a unique museum of modernist design, in which you will be able to nourish yourself of the cultural wealth of the Delta and to know its history, its nature, its agriculturism, its archaeology, its architecture…

✅Ideal for all types of people

Activity time: 40 min -120 min

▶Location: Museu Terres de l’Ebre


If you like to visit historical places, a very interesting site in Amposta is the Castle of Amposta, where you can see the remains of a fortification of medieval times, concretely of the 10th century. Nowadays, it is considered a cultural asset of national interest. 

Activity time: 20 min – 40 min

⏳Ideal for all types of people

▶Location: Amposta Castle


Built in 1915, the Amposta suspended bridge is one of the most important architectural symbols of the Delta.

✅Ideal for all types of people

⏳Time of activity: 10 min – 30 min

▶Location: Amposta Suspended Bridge

🍽 Deltaic food in Amposta


Parc dels Xiribecs is one of the largest and most beautiful local parks in the Delta.

Ideal for playing with the most little ones, for a walk with your couple or with a group of friends. Enjoy nature in full splendour, with fantastic views!

⏳Activity time: 20 min – 90 min

▶Location: Parc dels Xiribecs

🍁Visita los Manantiales de Baltasar

If you didn’t have enough, another suggestion of what to do in the Ebro Delta is to visit the Baltasar Fountains, one of the most important and mysterious places in the Delta.

In this natural area we can see several natural springs, formed in the middle of nature, due to the emergence of groundwater from the aquifers of the mountain ranges of Montsià and Els Ports. With a total of seventeen “ullals”, these sources have unusual characteristics: transparent and temperate waters, relatively sweet. This situation gives the space a unique fauna and flora within the Natural Park.

Time of the activity: 30 min – 120 min

Location: Manantiales de Baltasar.

📣For more information: Baltasar Springs.

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