¿Who are we?

¿Who am I?

I’m Eric Callau, I am 25 years old, I live in the town of Deltebre and I am in love with the place where I live, the Ebro Delta.

The first contact with the Delta

Since I was born and I have always lived in this environment I have had an easy time falling in love. Although it should be noted that the most serious and professional start with the Delta Del Ebro I must thank my family, since with my family business I started all my contact with the tourist environment that has made me get where I am.

Photography lover

I am a great lover of photography, I have fun and at the same time go out to capture the beautiful landscapes that we can find gives me tranquility and peace.

I am a great fan of photography, so when I have a moment I like to go out to photograph landscapes and great moments. And of course, what better than to capture them in an ideal area such as the Delta?

Local businessman with rural tourism

For me it is a luxury to be able to dedicate myself to tourism in the Delta. I run the family business, where we work with rural tourism. This is composed of 3 tourist accommodation located in different sites of the Delta del Ebro and intended for vacation rental.

Why turismodeltadelebro.com?

I had the idea in my head for a long time, just since I started running the family business. Later I was working in a tourist office and that is where I discovered the need for an innovative website with all the possible information on the Delta focused on tourism. A website for all types of visitors.

The main problem was that I did not have enough knowledge on the subject of web pages. That was the reason why I started studying and working in the digital marketing sector. It was then that I decided to realize my dream that had been in my head for more than 4 years, creating in a short time an interactive and innovative website, in order to offer the most important and essential information about the Ebro Delta.

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