Ebro Delta natural park

The Ebro Delta is the most important and extensive aquatic region in Catalonia and has an area of 330.31 km2. In addition, it also has two large bays: the Bahía dels Alfacs and the Bahía del Fangar, 68.46 km².

The main characteristics of this natural space are its wide variety of landscapes, creating up to 80 types of environments in which you can find all kinds of flora and fauna.

In 1983, the Ebro Delta Natural Park was created as a preservation system for natural systems.

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Beaches with charm

The Delta is surrounded by a great variety of beaches: virgin beaches, with blue flag, with lifeguard services, with dunes, nudists, beaches where you can go with pets, where you can fish …

Most of the beaches in this area are sandy, although a few kilometers from the Delta you can find stone beaches, for example in the beaches of L’ampolla and Perello, located in the north; or on the beaches near the town of Alcanar, located in the south.

The beaches of the Delta have several outstanding advantages:

  • They are usually beaches with little crowding.

  • They are beaches where there is ease to park the vehicle.

  • They are very safe for children due to the shallow depth of the sea.

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Discover our Fauna and Flora

Did you know that there are more than 300 types of birds in the Delta? Of the 665 types in Europe, for several years more than 427 models have been seen in our territory, although there are usually around 360 copies.

Some types of birds can only be seen during emigrations, although most species inhabit the Delta throughout the year thanks to the habitability quality of the area, ideal for birds.

Gastronomy and restaurant of the Ebro Delta

In addition to geography, one of the strongest points in the Delta area is THE DELTAIC GASTRONOMY, characterized by a variety of native products.

Family activities

If you are looking to travel as a family and make the most of your holiday stay, the Ebro Delta is the ideal place for many aspects:

  • It is an area with little crowding.

  • It is ideal to disconnect from big cities and have close contact with nature.

  • Since the latitude of the Delta is flat, it is ideal for different itineraries by bike or hiking without any difficulty.

  • There is a great variety of activities to do in family and for all ages such as horse riding, go with a tourist swallow, take guided tours, see specialized museums, observe birds …

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The Ebro Delta is a world to discover, here are some proposals among many.


Paradise places

As if it were a film, in the Ebro Delta there are several areas with magnificent landscapes that look like another world, a great example is the desert or the PUNTA DEL FANGAR where the famous movie Sahara (2005) was filmed, in which The actress Penelope Cruz participated.

There are many other types of remarkable landscapes that do not seem typical of the terrain, such as: the ULLALS DE BALTASSAR, the interior landscapes of the Ebro river or the mussels of the two bays, among others.


For many years, “Les Terres de l’Ebre” and the Ebro Delta have been catalogued as a singular and natural territory.

The year 1962 was named as an area of international importance with the highest category, within the classification of Euro-African wetlands of international interest developed by Bureau Mar. In addition, 1984 was declared an area of European importance by the European Council for its vegetation of brackish environments, and three years later, the European Union declared it a Special Protection Area for Birds. It was also added to the Ramsar Convention and wetlands in 1993, and obtained the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in 2007.

The “Terres de l’Ebre” and the Delta del Ebro have been classified as a unique and natural territory. In 2013, for example, they were declared a Natural Reserve of the biosphere by Unesco thanks to its natural and scenic wealth. One of the main reasons is the fantastic representation in Mediterranean ecosystems.

In addition, on September 27, 2016, the Delta del Ebro and les Terres de l’Ebre were declared one of the 100 best sustainable tourist destinations in the world.

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